Road to Hana Mile Markers

Road To Hana

What us the best way to see the road to Hana? Is to drive it yourself. Download the Shaka or Gyspy App to your phone - prior to the trip. The app needs time to download to your phone, do it the day before your trip, as it needs internet service to be able to download the App. You need to start your App before you drive out of your Resort. The app will run even while you do not have service, as long as you do not close the app.

The app is like having a mini tour guide in the car with you. You will need to plan to leave early in the morning. My advice is you leave your hotel by 6am, you most likely will not return until about 8 or 9pm. Fill up your gas tank the night before or in first thing in the morning in Pa’ia , as there are no gas station or restrooms until you get to Hana.

If you do not like driving and would like a driver. Contact Hoaloha Jeep Tours. Super private and great tours. Your also not over crowding the roads with buses.

What should I bring: You will need to pack snacks, drinks, water, kooler,  sunscreen, towels, change of clothes. Slippahs (sandals) Hiking shoes, camera, backpack, simple first aid kit, pocket knife, Flash light,  bug spray and cash. You will also want to take a printed copy of this list.

Please be respectful during this drive. If you see sign that say Kapu or Private Property. Respect it. Respect the people and the culture. Hana still holds the most of our Hawaiian culture. Clean up your trash. Do not leave it at mile marker stops. Keep Maui Beautiful! Make good choices, we want you to survive Hana.

Hana Mile Marker Stops:

Pa’ia Town:

Most stores will be closed in the early morning. You will want to come back on a different day and explore the beaches, shops and restaurants Pa’ia has to offer you. If you did not get gas there is a Shell gas station right as you drive in on the right or little further up there is a Ohana Fuels.. Full tank is needed before going to Hana.

Mana foods is located in Pa’ia, they open at 8am and you can stock up here on local snacks and drinks.

If you are passing earlier than 8am, Mana food will not be open.

Mile Marker 2.1 - Twin Falls -

Water falls hike (mild walking/ easy hike) to see waterfalls and pools, certain time of the year you will see locals jumping from waterfalls edge into the pools below.  Food: There is a fruit stand truck parked at the front. Has Sugar Cane Juice, Cold Drinks, candy and chips. Other odds and ends as well.

(Watch for Flash Flooding)

Mile Marker between 3 and 4 Jungle Zipline

Great place to go ziplining, best for day that your not doing Road To Hana.

Mile Marker 4.5 Huelo Lookout

Fruit stand offer bananas, coconut drink from a coconut, crepes and smoothies.

Mile Marker 6.7- Na’ili’ili-Haele Stream and Waterfalls

This is a moderate hike, pending weather condition can be slippery.

(Watch for Flash Flooding)

Mile Marker 6 - Area is known for there painted tree. Tree look like someone took a paint brush to their trunks. They have multi-colored trunks like a rainbow.

Mile Marker 9.5 - Waikamoi Ridge Trail

Waikamoi Ridge Trail is an easy short-stop on the Road to Hana. Good for non-hikers, easy family hike . A nice quick-stop that many will appreciate.

Mile Marker 10- Waikamoi Falls

Drive up waterfall right next to the road, pending the time of the year, it may be dried up.

Mile Marker: 10.5 Ka Haku Smoke Shack

This is food , not smokes: Opens and closes on Maui time (Meaning he opens when he opens and he closes when he closes). Yummy treat if you catch him open!

Mile Marker 10.7 - Garden Of Eden

This marker has an admission fee (16+ $15 dollars) (5-15 $5.00) Hours: 8am - 4pm

Discounts apply for parties larger than 5 people. Kama’aina for locals only.

This is full with lush jungle, nature trails, chicken, peacocks and many other birds.

Food: Coconut Cafe is located in the Garden of Eden.

Mile Marker 11.3 Puahokamoa Falls

This is right before Mile Marker 11. Hike is for experts- Meaning you are a fit hiker (dangerous hike, not recommended)

Mini Hike at the start of the trail takes you to a viewpoint to take pictures.

Mile Marker 11.5 Haipua'ena Falls

Waterfall and pool, swim area if you choose at your own discretion. Just a stroll from the road.

Watch for flash flooding.

Mile Marker 12.5 Kuamahina Park

Ocean views, nice area to stop to have a snack, Bathrooms may or may not be open. Get your camera out and take some photographs of the views.

Mile Marker: 12.8 Kalaloa Point

This is a turnoff with ocean views. Great area to use your camera. This is a little before mile marker 13.

Mile Marker between 12 - 13  Honomana Bay (Requires Jeep to access)

This is a rocky locals beach. Most used for fishing. Jeep is the only way your getting their.

This is not a swimming beach. Has dangerous tides and rip currents. Even when water may look calm


Mile Marker 13.5 Honomanu Lookout

Pull out - Get your camera out. Even if you don’t have a jeep you can get a beautiful picture of Honomanu bay.

Mile Marker 14.5 Honomanu Bay

This is another road that will take you to the same beach.

This is a rocky locals beach. Most used for fishing. Jeep is the only way your getting their.

This is not a swimming beach. Has dangerous tides and rip currents. Even when water may look calm


Mile Marker 16 Keanae -Arboretum

Beautiful plant life, trails, trees know as rainbow trees. Breadfruit, Mountain apple and Papaya can be

found along the trails at the right time of the year.

Easy walking, partially paved.

Mile marker 16 Macnut Brittle This is if you head back out left from Keanae Arboretum and stay left on the road.

Super yummy brittle candy in Keanae - They do take card payment.

Keanae Point:  Oceanviews (Camera)

This is right past Macnut Brittle

Aunt Sandy’s Banana Bread

She can be found past Keanae pull out point. Known for the best Banana bread on the island.

$6.00 will get you a warm loaf of Banana bread (prices may have changed)

She also sells drinks, shave ice and sandwiches, smoothies and coconut candies.

(Note: Menu May Have Changed)

Keanine Peninsula

This is down past Aunt Sandy’s Banana Bread Shack. This Peninsula is an old Hawaiian Village

known for producing Taro. Was destroyed back in 1946 by Tsunami 35ft massive waves smashed the Hawaiian Village. There are no swimming beaches in Keanae - Water is dangerous and rocky. You will find the Keanae Congregational church here as well, it is the only building left after the Tsunami hit, killing 20 children and 4 teachers.

Restroom Stop - Public Restroom if open

Public restroom can be found little past Keanine Peninsula if they are open. This is the last stop down this road. Please pick up all your trash and garbage before leaving. You will now need to turn around and go back the way you came in. Once you pass Macnut Brittle you will want to head to your left to continue on to the road to Hana.

Mile Marker 16.9 Chings Pond

This is a local spot. It is Kapu (Meaning Do Not Enter/ Forbidden. The only reason I have included this is because it in the Maui Guide Book. If you are a outsider you are not going to feel welcome here. Not a recommended stop if you don't live here. Respect the land and its people please. There are plenty of other stop you will be able to make.

Mile Marker 17.5 Halfway to Hana

You have finally made it half way. Hana Halfway marker sells sandwiches, beef jerky, banana bread, coconut candies, batteries, Cheese burgers and Hot dogs with cold drinks. Has ATM as well if it is working.

Mile Marker 18.4 Saint Gabriel's Mission Coral Miracle Church

If you like old churches you can stop here.

Mile Marker 18.5 Uncle Harry's Market Place

Kalua pork tacos and sandwiches, smoothies, Malasada (Hawaiian Donuts) Nice stop to grab bit to eat if your hungry, pork tacos.

Mile Marker 18.8  Wailua Valley State Wayside

Great views of Wailua Valley from road, if you want to stop, best place is to pull into the very tiny wayside where you will have great views both Mauka and Makai.

Mile Marker 19.3 Valley Outlook

Nice view of the valley. 2 picnic tables at this turnout. Nice place to stop and eat or take a break.

Mile Marker 19.5- Upper Waikani Falls (3 Bear Falls) is located here as well.

This is a popular waterfall.  Called three bears because the three different sized falls. With heavy rain it becomes one massive waterfall. Visit early in the morning for less people and better parking.

(Watch for Flash Flooding)

Mile Marker 22.6 Pua’a Ka’a State wayside park

Picnic tables and Restrooms if they are open. Also small waterfall and pool.  Pua'a Ka'a means rolling Pig>

Mile Marker 24 Upper Hanawi Falls

Mile Marker 25 Makapipi Falls

Easy access from the road.

The road the go to the left after this  waterfall is private property and Kapu. Stay out. Stay on the main highway please. Respect that land and its people.

Mile Marker 27.5 Coconut Glen's

This stop is a real treat. Vegan, Organic natural Ice cream.

Great stop especially if you got the kids in the car.

Mile Marker 29 Nihiku Market Place

Great Stop For Island Tacos, Thai Food, Pizza, Coffee and Banana bread, Up In Smoke BBQ and

Nahiku Gallery.

Mile Marker 30  Road will straighten out a bit :0)

Mile Marker 30.5 Hana Grindz

Nice stop for lunch or a bite to eat. Has 5 star rating for food.

Mile Marker 31

Just past Mile marker 31 turn left onto Ulaino Road to see underground Lava Caves

Hana Lava Tubes (Left On Ulaino Road off Hana Hwy)

This is an awesome stop. Walk through the old lava tubes with flashlights. Go through the Red Ti Garden Maze. Great stop with kids. $11.95 per person. Kids 5 and under are free.We always hit them up when we are in the area, our kids love it.

Hana Botanical Gardens (Left On Ulaino Road off Hana Hwy)

Just pass Hana Lava tube is Hana Botanical Gardens. This is not super impressive. Not like Kahanu Garden

Kahanu Garden(Left On Ulaino Road off Hana Hwy)

This is located right past Hana Botanical Gardens. Kahanu Garden is situated in the storied land of Honoma'ele and home to Pi'ilanihale Heiau, a massive lava-rock structure that is believed to be the largest ancient man made structure in Polynesia. Structures were built over 800 years ago. Hawaiian history comes alive when you walk through this manicured canoe garden.

Tours  are available - book ahead of time.

From this point you will go back the way you came and continue you on Hana Hwy.

Mile Marker 31.5 Hana Farms

This is a great stop.  They sell a variety of homemade bread, (Pineapple, Banana, Macadamia Nut and Chocolate Banana Bread. They also sell vegan Banana Bread here. They have a Banana butter, Lilikoi Jam, honeys, hot sauces and much more. They also serve food here, Menu can be found at the link above.

Mile Marker 32 (Turn Left onto Waianapanapa Park Exit)

Follow the road to the end and the turn to your left.

Waianapanapa Park - Black Sand Beach

You will arrive at Waianapanapa Park- Home to the famous black sand beach. Beautiful ocean views.

Please be respectful as their are a few marked graveyards at this park. Respect the land and its people.

Once you get down to black sand beach, you will find a tiny cave you can go into on the left.Popo’alaea’s murder to place here. You can read the story in the link above.

Do not take the sand or the rocks, its Kapu (Forbidden) Meaning don’t take it.

This area is home to ancient Hawaiians over 34 ancient site are in the area.

From here you will turn around and head back to Hana Hwy.

Mile Marker 32.5 Uncle Harry’s Chop Shop

You can find him right behind Hana High school. Hot Malasada (Hawaiian Donuts) and Kalua pork tacos.

.Fresh Malasadas (Hawaiian Donut), Smoothies, Kalua Pork Tacos (he know for these) , Kalua Burger, Kalua Pig melt and has cold drinks.

Mile Marker 33.6 Hana Fresh

Located just before the fork in the road. Place to stop and get food.

Stay left on Uakea Road - This goes to Hana town!

You have Reach Hana!!!

Enjoy the beach. Across from the beach is a food stand if it is open. Below I have attach link about Hana towns history.

Hana cultural center and museum

Learn about the Hawaiian culture, see artifact that the Hawaiians used.

Thai Food by Pranee

This is down the road from Hana beach. Nice spot to grab lunch or something to eat.

From here you will turn around and go back to Hana hwy. You will go left back on Hana hwy to continue the drive.

Hana Coast Gallery- Located in Hana Town

Gallery on the Hwy in Hana

Red Sand Beach Location- Dangerous and not recommended hike.

You have to park at the Taverns hotel to even get close to this beach. Information is at the above link. I do not recommended this beach as the hike down to red sand beach has taken many lives. Its steep down hill cliff/ slope and the rocks break off and people fall to their death all the time.

Hana Ranch Restaurant- Located in Hana Town

Nice place to eat if you are traveling through or staying overnight.

Da Fish Shack - Located in Hana Town

Another food option out and Hana- Must try, good food.

Braddah Hutt BBQ and Grill- Last food stop headed out of Hana

Make sure you arrive before 2pm if you plan to eat here.

If you are not going to Oheo Gulch turn left at Honeo'o Road for Koki Beach and Hamoa Beach. This road will  be on your left little past Hana Ranch.

Koki Beach Park - First Stop once you turn on Honeo’o Road.

Cultural significance surrounds Koki Beach on all sides. To the north is Ka Iwi o Pele (literally “the bones of Pele”), which is a large red cinder hill where Hawaiian Mythology tells the the bones of Pele were left after a fatal battle with her older sister. (In more recent times, this hill now belongs to Oprah, as part of a 105 acre parcel that she bought from Hana Ranch in 2002.)  Look toward the ocean from Ka Iwi o Pele, and you’ll see the Leho’ula sea arch. The island visible across from the the south end of Koki Beach is ‘Alau Island – with its cap of coconut trees, it is a favorite place for 'iwa to flock. It is said that this island was once used by Hawaiians as a place of sacred study.

Huli Huli Chicken- Right past Koki Beach Park on Honeo’o Road

If you don’t know what Huli Huli chicken is, your missing out and I suggest you stop and try it.

Hamoa Beach- One of Maui Perfect Beaches.

This beach has been surfed by Hawaiian since the ancient times. Located by Hana Oceanfront cottages.

Honeo’o Road will now lead you back up to the Highway where you will continue left.

Caroline Fresh Fruit

Here you will find fresh fruit, art and jewelry.

Hana Treasures and Gift shop

This store will be on your left. Sorry no link.

Maui Pro Lube - Landmark to help you know where you are.

You will cross a Bridge. Wailua Falls is 1.2 miles ahead. The next  4 miles to Oheo Gulch is the narrowest and windest section of the Road to Hana, go slow .In  about 15 minutes you will reach Haleakala Park and Oheo Gulch

Wailua Falls

This waterfall is right next to the road and is rather popular.

Pools of ‘Ohe’o- Known as the Seven Sacred  Pools

Proper name for this location since it get so confused because its a park of Haleakala  National park is Ohe’o (Oh-Hey-Oh). There is a fee of $15.00 to enter this park or $25 and it will get you a pass to Haleakala National park Sunset. More details in the link above. Please also be careful as many have gotten hurt here. You are hours away from rescue, so please use common sense. Pipiwai Trail is located at this location as well.

Pipiwai Trail- Right Past Seven Sacred Pools

If you come this far. This is a hike you should do. It is a moderate hike that goes through bamboo forest to a waterfall. This hike is uphill with stairs. You need to be in decent shape. Bring lots of water.

Kipahulu Visitor Center- Next stop on the road.

Kipahula Ohana - You will see the farm on your left across the street is Charles Lindbergh’s Grave. This is not really a stop, just something you see.

Charles Lindbergh’s Grave- Palapala Ho’omau Church

Who is Charles + Charles Lindbergh became famous for making the first solo transatlantic airplane flight in 1927. Before he took to the skies and cross the Atlantic ocean.

Laulima Fruit Stand- ht after Charle’s Lindbergh Grave.Will be on your right.

Huialoha Church Kaupo

Over 150 years ago the Hawaiian people of Kaupo undertook the tremendous task of building Huialoha Church by hand. They harvested coral from the ocean to be baked in an imu and made into mortar; they hauled rocks to the site and put the two together to erect the walls. Huge logs were brought down from the mountains for the lumber needed to complete the roof, windows and doors.

This church is located off an unnamed road. Not easy to find. Be respectful.

Kaupo Gap Trail

This is the next stop is Kaupo Hike. If you choose to do this hike you may consider staying the night at  Paliku cabins.

Kaupo General store is located on the right passed the Kaupo Gap.

Good place to restock on food and drinks. Not many stop here or make it this far out.

St Joseph - Kaupo - Old church

Manawainui Gulch - Back Side of Hana

Auwahi Wind Turbine - Windmills.

You will see these out in the distance, several leading to the water.

Maui Winery

You have survived the whole drive of Road to Hana!!

Sit down and have a glass of wine. This winery is truly beautiful.

You also should now have cell service again.

From Your Drive here take in the beautiful views overlooking Kihei and Wailea. You will be able to see Molikini and Kahoolawe out in the distance as well.

Sun Yat Sen Park

Park is known as the father of china. Same but interesting.

Grandma Coffee house

A must stop if investor have not forced it to close yet. As of now it is still open.

Jeanne The Bread Lady

There are many other places and things to see upcountry. I could keep going but you have traveled a long distance. Congratulations to you if you made the full loop of Hana! Not everyone can say that. Most people turn around at Hana Town.

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