Wao Akua- Realm of the Gods

Updated: Oct 3, 2020


Wao Akua (Meaning Realm of the Gods) and Wao Kanake (The Realm of the people)

Once back in ancient Hawaii The Islands was divided into zones One Zone (Upper Zone) known as Wao Akua - Realm of the Gods and the other Zone (Lower Zone ) Wao Kanake - Realm of the people.

Wao Akua- Realm of the Gods. Meaning place full of great Mana (Mana-Means power/Spirital energy), a place full of dense jungle terrain that is so thick and cliff ledges so steep that man can't walk on them.

Peaks and mountain valleys rise above the clouds. Plants and trees grow there, along with bugs and animals that man does not often encounter. The mountain tops lurk above the clouds. A Zone in which all living things are not there by activity of man but by activity of the Gods.

Wao Kanake - ( Realm of the People) This is a place where humans reside, fish live and recreate. Build their homes etc.

The Transition from Wao Kanake to Wao Akua is not taking lightly in the Hawaiian Culture. It was expected that you respected your zone, your place on earth.

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