Kahakuloa Head in East West/Maui

Kahakuloa meaning Tall Head, standing 636 feet high off Kahekili Hwy, one most dangerous roads on the island of Maui and not for the faint hearted.

Kahakuloa Head was favorite diving spot for King Kahekili. Note: Do not try to complete this jump as shoreline below Kahakuloa Head is no longer what it once was, meaning its more shallow and the cliff of Kahakuloa is dangerous enough in itself (likely one would fall to there death).

King Kahekili was known for almost destroying his island and his people, he ruled in East/West Maui in 1736 and died around 83 or 84 years in Waikiki. He was known as Pahupu (Cut in two Warrior as half his body was tattoo black). He was known as a very strong and ruthless King during his time. His tattoos matched his nickname Kane-hekili (Meaning -Hawaiian God of Thunder).

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